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Tear Trough


Current Pricing: $750

This non-surgical procedure involves the precise injection of dermal fillers, commonly hyaluronic acid-based, into the hollows or depressions beneath the eyes, known as tear troughs. The treatment works to mitigate the appearance of dark circles, under-eye bags, and a sunken or fatigued look. Tear trough fillers not only provide subtle volume and hydration but also stimulate collagen production, contributing to a smoother, rejuvenated under-eye contour. The precision required for tear trough filler injections underscores the importance of seeking the expertise of a skilled practitioner to achieve natural-looking results that restore a rested and refreshed appearance to the eyes.

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What are tear trough fillers?

Tear trough fillers are a cosmetic procedure involving the injection of dermal fillers, usually hyaluronic acid-based, into the hollows or depressions under the eyes to address issues such as dark circles and under-eye bags.


Is the procedure painful?

Discomfort is usually minimal. Many tear trough fillers contain a local anesthetic.


How long does the procedure take?

Tear trough filler injections typically take about 15-30 minutes, depending on the complexity of the treatment and the number of areas being addressed.


When will I see the results, and how long do they last?

Results are often visible immediately, though there may be some initial swelling. The duration of results can vary but generally lasts around 6 months to a year.


Are tear trough fillers safe?

When administered by a qualified and experienced practitioner, tear trough fillers are generally considered safe.


Are there any side effects of tear trough fillers?

Common side effects include temporary swelling, bruising, and redness at the injection site. Serious complications are rare but can include infection, blindness, skin necrosis and vascular occlusion.


Is there downtime after tear trough filler injections?

There is typically minimal downtime after tear trough filler injections. However, some people may experience temporary swelling or bruising, and it's advisable to avoid strenuous exercise for the first 24-48 hours.


Can tear trough fillers completely eliminate dark circles?

While tear trough fillers can significantly improve the appearance of dark circles, complete elimination may not be achievable in all cases. Results vary based on individual factors such as skin tone and underlying anatomy.

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